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Idea suggested by Jo How 5 years ago

It would be really helpful if people with restricted permissions could view attachments without the ability to edit or create invoices.

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Hi Jo,

Thank you for the suggestion. I will raise this request onto our Management Software which will then be reviewed by our developers in the future.



This is a great idea. It would also help with HMRC records checks where I'd give the Inspector restricted access to examine the books and documentary evidence.

It actually reflects a weakness in CB, compared to other systems, whereby, once you've uploaded a scan of a bill into CB, it's locked and lost to the outside world. With other systems the documents are available in a linked dropbox account or are in a separate "files" or "documents" section in the software. As well as letting anyone examine documents in a separate area it also enables you download the documents en masse should you ever wish to close the CB account. At the moment, you have to do them one at a time, which would take some of my clients a week!

Thank you, Paul. I will add that to the request.

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