Facility to add Scanned Bank Statement to Bank Rec screen

Idea suggested by Ryan Thomas 7 years ago

Very handy for the bean counter.

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Hi Ryan,

I am unsure as to how easy this would be to implement from a technical point of view, however, in the meantime, you can always upload a CSV file into your Clear Books account. Regardless, I can forward this suggestion onto our developers to review.

Thank you for your feedback,


This will be difficult to do software wise.

However... you can already convert scanned pdf into csv by using Ocrex Statement Rec (see link below).

You log in and load a bank statement in pdf or scanned and save to pdf and they convert into csv. You buy per 'bundle' and it works out about 7p per page. They are very quick such that the spreadsheet comes back in about 15 mins to an hour depending upon how busy they are.


Hi Jennifer,

Much appreciated for your response!



i would think its pretty easy, there is only one bank rec screen each month/year. Just add an option to attach to it.

Hi Ryan - do you mean have an attachment option on the explain screen a bit like below?


Ah ok good - that would be a better place to have them attached I've logged this as a new request with our development team.

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