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Idea suggested by Jennifer Adams 7 years ago

I give these statements to my firms sub contractors every month as confirmation of amounts paid but the statements are not very helpful without a date payment shown. The subcontractors get confused because they never give invoices. Cant a date of payment be shown somewhere?

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No...this isnt what is wanted - this way is just for one invoice at a time. CIS subcontractors are paid weekly and what I want to do is to give them monthly statements as required by law by HMRC - to show that their tax has gone to HMRC every month to link in with the CIS return submitted.

So what I need is exactly as shown on the CIS statement but instead of 'Invoice' put the date.

Also... HMRC require a Monthly statement to be given to each sub contractor not individual invoices.

Hi Jennifer,

The CIS statement should include all bills a subcontractor paid within the month - are you requesting an extra column showing the payment date of the bill on the table shown in the screenshot below?


What would be good is the date of each payment picked up from the contractors bank statement so both contractor and subcontractor see date. I have had queries from sub contractors saying that they have not rendered invoices. They wont want a statement and an invoice to be sent.

No answer from Clearbooks I see!

Ah sorry, Jennifer - I have converted this to a request as it is not something we currently support.

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