Approving multicurrency and home currency expenses simultaneously.

Idea suggested by Pete Church 12 years ago

If a multicurrency expense is approved simultaneously with a home currency expense, the multicurrency amount is erroneously treated as a home currency amount when creating the bill to an employee.

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Can you explain what "Done" means in the tag - this problem still exists and our GL is corrupt as a result.

Sorry - 'Done' is just an internal message to mark the post as linked to the appropriate page in Clear Books - it shouldn't really appear please ignore.

Yep. Another Currency Problem which still is not fixed.

Hi Toby,

I'm extremely sorry for this inconvenience, however at this moment in time there's an issue where approving multicurrency expenses, they are by default converted to home currency figure. We will be addressing this issue in the near future.

I once again apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your up most patience.

Kind Regards,


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