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Idea suggested by Nils K 3 years ago

When selecting an invoice date, it would be great to have a button in the calendar that just jumps to the current date. I often copy old invoices as templates and then end up having to click through several months to get to the current date.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Nils!

I will add this in with our customer ideas for consideration, as I can see how this would be useful.

Nils, a great suggestion! I frequently do exactly the same - copy a previous invoice or bill when creating a new one - and the ability to click a Today button would be great. Hopefully it'll be an easy one to implement, too.

Just thinking about the UX, my preference would be to click on Today to show the current month, and then have to click the current day to actually select it. That way, a date close to today's date can also be chosen, without having to re-open the calendar. The current day is already highlighted in grey on the current month, so that helps know which day it is...!

What do you think, Nils?

...ok, clearly I've got too much time on my hands...!

I've changed my mind on keeping the date picker open after clicking Today. I checked in other date pickers and they (mostly) don't do that, and it's easy enough to re-open it.

When thinking about the design, I realised there's a bit of space available, so how about Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow options? The additional options could be useful for those who, like me, end up catching up on invoicing of an evening or weekend. Here's a quick mock-up:


What do you tihnk, Nils (or anyone else)?

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