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is there anyway to do this or do i have to click on each one individually?

This does need sorting out i just done 11 months of certificates in under 5 minutes using Moneysoft this would take hours if i used Clearbooks

Are we still waiting for this feature ? its been 3 years

Like you Colin, I still use Moneysoft. We process subbie 'bills' in Clear Books then run the monthly CIS return report but we then transfer all data over to Moneysoft, file from there and provide the paperwork from there.

It's not ideal of course but it's a necessary evil in my opinion. After using MS for so long I prefer the layout of their certificates anyway, they seem more professional somehow.

Hi Gareth,

We now have a CIS subcontrator report feature that will email the reports to your email in zipped PDF format. You can find this by clicking on a CIS return and the option will be there under email sub-contractor statements.

All the best,


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