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Hi Andy,

Would adding a country column to the sales ledger export (and sales line item export) help?


Yes! That would allow a manual report.

A great first step would be having it as an export field on Sales, not the sales ledger and it would be good if you could do this. (not the sales ledger because of the additional complication that you have both rows containing invoice row items and rows with invoice totals which you would have to separate first)

In case it is not clear what this then means is that that the data would need to be dumped on to a spreadsheet. sorted by country. Then columns added which would cumulate the net cost while the country does not change. Then another column created which would only pull out those cumulated figures where the next row is a different country which would be the cumulated total for each countries and this reported.

The formula for this are known to us because we have to do exactly the same, but with date ranges iather than country in order to produce a payables report - something else that is a basic reporting requirement,. It would be really good if you could get a grip of basic reporting and something that would more than pay for itself by attracting more customers. I dont know what market research you have done but I suspect the reason for trialists that dont convert is down to your poor reporting capabilities and the inability to customise what you do chose to export . (rant over!)

Yep agreed I think we definitely need some way of customer reporting - choosing your own data fields to create reports from - but at the moment (in terms of bigger projects) it's a bit further down the pecking order.

I think the first step should be quick to do - but just to confirm when you say Sales export, do you agree with the Sales line item report in the list of exports?

The sales ledger export groups up an invoice into 1 row whereas the Sales line item export has multiple rows for invoices if they have more than 1 item.

Hi John

Yes, it is a while since ~I had looked at the two export formats and the Sales Line would be of more use. Until March 2019 at least, who knows anything after then(!), we have another bit of bureaucracy - the Intrastat reporting that must be provided to HMRC which lists the value of all physical goods exported (but not licences, warranties or services) to EU countries which is another job so far done manually. ~If this was done at sales line level then it too could be done in the same fashion.


Ah ok, Andy - so for the Intrastat reporting, it sounds as if you would need to have a column for VAT treatment to determine whether the sale is for goods or services. I shall forward both on to the technical team now and let you know when complete.


The additional column would not be required. The account code / name tells us what we need to know in order to separate what must be included. Would you believe the nearest description HMRC / Intrastat have for a computer is an "Electronic calculating machine' which is what we have to use in filing the reports . :-~)

Ah, I see no worries, we have account name is included in the export at the mo so I will let you know when country is added.

oh wow - haha, they make it sound like a glorified calculator

Hi Andy - just to let you know that we have added the standard international ISO code to the export.

John. Thats excellent. Will check it out romorrow or friday. Thank You.

No probs! Have a good evening

John Thanks again. Just to confirm I have used the sales line export and all appears correct and with a little spreadsheet manipulation the geographical report was created,

Excellent and no problem at all!

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