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Opening Banking

Idea suggested by Dan Wragg 1 year ago

Just wondered if ClearBooks has looked at integrating open banking so they can receive transactional detail through APIs?

I've got a Starling business account and they are currently pushing out compatibility with Xero and Freeagent..


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Thanks, Dan - yes we have that on our radar as it is indeed something we would like to explore, if there are any developments on this in future we will let everyone know.

Unfortunately this will probably be the difference between us switching to another provider next year or staying with Clearbooks which is a shame, especially as it's probably just as much a case of the banks being difficult than Clearbooks.

Having said that though, Clearbooks seemed to be going somewhere a few years ago but since they got funding all development and improvement seems to have stopped and the answer to most of the ideas on this forum are along the lines of "we might work on it in the future" so I don't have much faith that this will even happen.

HSBC opening bank feed too, and Xero is already on there.

So if Clearbooks is considering moving from Yodlee to native HSBC bank feeds, that will be great.

This is really high on the agenda - along with a new mobile app. Currently, the bigger projects we are working on are our new product Micro (hoping to scoop up some of the businesses still on spreadsheets when MTD officially launches) and preparing for MTD. These projects are nearing completion soon.

We are still releasing lots of small improvements which are being announced on the News section of the community (with some inapp notifications when appropriate).


So just to put this in to context - for me, Stripe integration into invoices and these bank feeds are the most critical, and as another poster said above it may be the difference between staying with Clearbooks and going to Xero. Would prefer to stay as moving data is difficult but not having the two features will probably cost me an hour a day...

Hi John,

Are you any further along with this given it was high on the agenda last year?


Obviously not!

Clearbooks not interested to do anything Now openbanking is open and yodlee feeds are till septeber So its time to move to Xero

I'm so sorry I missed this post - we have some official announcements about this soon (this month hopefully), we have indeed been preparing and this is currently in development (in collaboration with our existing integration partners Yodlee).

Hi John,

Gentle reminder - where are we on Open Banking?

Nearing the end of FY, it's my annual decision time - should I move to Xero or not?


Hi Perry,

This is still in development but nearing completion - some official email coms will be sent to all customers soon.

Last month, Clear Books secured FCA registration to provide Open Banking bank feeds.


Things are moving forward...

Currently I'm using Yodlee to sync my accounts. Would open banking mean that we can by-pass Yodlee and get live banking updates to our account?

Hi Sam,

No. So, our open banking feeds will be done in cooperation with Yodlee and so will still be run through the Yodlee feed system.

All the best,


No further update? Seems to be little to no development at Clearbooks now unfortunately.

Guys, are we really no further on with this?

Over a year on from the original post and we are no further forward?

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