Creating a Invoice from a Purchase Order

Idea suggested by Rachel Broadist 3 years ago

Is there anyway of implementing a way of showing if a purchase order has been created as a bill or if the purchase order has only been part invoiced?

At the moment we use a lot of purchase orders for several jobs, but there is noway of seeing what has /hasn't been invoiced and also if it has been fully or part invoiced. A concern is that some of our suppliers will send numerous invoices for the same job as items may be on backorder etc, but when I come to raise the Invoice all the items come up each time - is there anyway of the items that have already been invoiced not appearing?

Is this something that could be implemented within ClearBooks?

Many thanks

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Hi Rachel,

You can see whether or not a bill has been created from a purchase order by the symbols in the Status column of the Purchase orders page. If a bill has not been created from a Purchase order, the symbol will be black with a cross saying, 'Bill not created yet'. If a bill has been created, the symbol will turn blue with a magnifying glass saying, 'Bill created'. The actual bill will also contain the purchase order number.

Both billed and non-billed purchase orders will display in the Complete toggle and can only be differentiated by checking the status symbols. I can put your suggestion forward for consideration!

The whole Purchase Order/Bill section is a little underwhelming. I agree it is very difficult to deal with part-invoiced POs. We've got into trouble with that as well. And the POs themselves aren't actually very useful as Purchase Orders to send to suppliers as they have the wrong information on them.

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