Countries on addresses.

Idea suggested by Ryan Macdonald 3 years ago

Hi team,

This will sound petty but it is very real to us in Scotland. On the Invoice / Delivery address, the user is forced to put in a country e.g United Kingdom.

We have had a good few comments from customers that having the U. K. recorded as a country grates and is mildly offensive. Customers have said that they either want the ability to record Scotland as a country (which it is) or to leave the country blank (I have tried to do this but it always reverts to the UK).

I suspect that this feature would be welcome in Wales and Northern Ireland as well as Scotland.

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Thanks for the idea, however, I'm really sorry but this is not something we are looking to change anytime soon.

I can well understand your position. The next adverse comment I receive I shall just let the customer know that "It's an English company" :-).

Sorry, Ryan! I didn't want to give you any false promise :) Have a nice weekend!

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