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Idea suggested by David Foster 2 years ago

No new functionality, so shouldn't be hard to implement Simply better documentation/explanation. When creating new users or editing permissions, there's a lot of guesswork involved about what each permission enables. For example, the ability to create a new "task", which appears under the "projects" sub-menu heading, is not controlled by the "project" permission but the "timesheet" permission. I've had that wrong for 5 years! And the permission hints are useless: "timetracking - allows a user to manage time tracking". See picture

How about a fuller document (whether matrix or list) which better explains what permission confer the ability to view, edit or create data? At the moment, I have to guess, then run to another user and ask them to try something out. And then ALSO try to see what else they can now do that they shouldn't be able to do. That's much harder to test out.


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Hi David,

That is fair - we will try and think of a much better way of documenting the mapping the permissions. I shall let you know as soon as this is done.

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