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Is Stripe integration ever going to come?

So there's no integration yet? I think its quite important specially that now they are operating in UK. We are making a lot of sales from this gateway. Please? Thanks ;)

I would also like to see Stripe integration - it is available with both KashFlow and Xero.

Stripe integration would complement the GoCardless integration perfectly. We would then be able to take payment via Credit Card or Direct Debit.

Has it been considered? There are 9 likes already which is more than some of the ideas which have ben implemented.

Hi Everyone, We appreciate all your comments on this issue and are looking at working on it as soon as we can. However, our product design team are currently focused on a couple of higher voted ideas, in particular 'Added Paid Invoices' and will move onto Stripe once these have been completed.

We are starting to use Stripe and having this integration would be of great benefit, the sooner the better :)

It's been over a year now :( any sign of this ever happening?

Seems they are not interested in doing this. And its quite simple Stripe API its probably the easiest one to implement ;)

Hi Mary,

Thank you for your idea and follow up comments. Currently the development team have multiple ongoing projects, nevertheless your idea is valued by us and its something we will implement in the foreseeable future, although I cannot specify an exact time frame of its planned implementation.



We have just discussed this in a meeting. It was unanimously agreed that this is a feature we'd like to implement. It has been queued after Edit Paid Invoices, which in itself is waiting for the work on Clear Book Netherlands to end.

No time estimate at the moment, but it's on the roadmap.

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