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Idea suggested by Steven Gosling 12 years ago

When creating a recurring invoice and the detail of the item line has a date on it such as "service renewal for 1 year from 07/05/2013" it would be great if there is a way to enter the initial start year (such as 2013) and then based upon the recurring frequency (such as yearly) automatically advance the date on the item.

Perhaps have some form of code you wrap around the date such as [2013+1] indicating when the next draft is created the year or date is automatically advanced by one number year.

Having used and loved Clearbooks for over a year now all my recurring invoices which pop up every month need changing.

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+1 Also be great if we could add additional details to contacts - even just as NOTES ie their various usernames and passwords etc

The facility to automatically update invoice line item descriptions are very important to any business like ours that will be issuing recurring sales invoices to many customers each month for services – it just seems common sense that the invoice narrative would read something like. ‘Web Chat service for the period 16th November 2015 to 15th December 2015’. To fully automate this the placeholder tags required would be: Previous month Current month Next month Previous year Current year Next year

Recurring invoices are certainly a very useful feature but I cannot think of any examples of a recurring invoice for services where you would not need to mention some kind of date and the lack of this feature makes the whole process pretty clunky and labour intensive as each invoice needs manual adjustment. I have been used to using IRIS KashFlow for recurring invoices and that system has this facility which enables invoice narratives to be updated automatically and users love it because there is no manual intervention at all once the recurring invoice is set up – it is created each month, description updated for new month/year etc, and emailed – perfect.

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