Multiple Delivery Address against the same customer

Idea suggested by Garry Howard 12 years ago


We sell alot of products to a customer who we direct ship/delivery to their various customer sites.

I need to invoice them with various different delivery addresses but on the same customer record.

Is there a facility to have multiple delivery address stored in the database for one customer rather than just one delivery address for one customer ??

This would be a great feature if not available.



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Hi Garry,

Currently there isn't an option to save multiple delivery addresses for one customer.If other users vote and comment on this, the development team will implement it.

Many thanks.


I definitely think this should be implemented, I have a number of customers with one invoice address but multiple locations, and this moment I have to create multiple customers and this is no good.

Hi Garry & Alex,

At the moment it is possible to have a secondary phone number and email address associated with a customer. If you wish to send out an invoice to two different emails you can do this as follows: Sales > Customers > All > Select Customer > Edit Contact > Additional Contacts. This will allow you to add a different email address for that contact. When you then create an invoice for that individual you will then be able to select either or both of the emails to send to.

You can also have a registered address and an invoice address. However if these are different you will have to remove the billing address when it is the registered address you wish to use.

Currently, I'm afraid that there is no exact way to be able to choose between different postal address. However, the more support this idea receivs, the more likely it is to be considered for implementation.

Many Thanks


The multiple delivery address would be awesome especially if you implemented a delivery note option button, Currently you only have the ability to change the theme when viewing the purchase order/invoice. this wastes time and is not the easiest to remember to do when simply wanting a delivery note.

I propose you have a 3rd option as an extra box to click for invoices / sales orders, this link automatically uses a pre designed delivery note theme and creates a pdf?

I knew it would be a good idea - Come on Clear Books !!

I think this should be added asap. I complete work for a customer with multiple sites and currently have to keep manually changing the delivery address for each PO / Invoice i create.

I am also being asked for this facility by various clients. Please could we have an update on where this sits in the development pipeline?

Hi I am a new Clearbooks user currently in the process of trying to move customers across on to Clearbooks and a few of them would require this feature. Is there any update on when this feature will be available as it is currently stopping me from recommending the software to these particular customers?

Hi there,

We signed up for a free trial today - is this feature any closer to being implemented?

We have one particular customer who has 22 different delivery addresses (physical, not email) and will not be able to purchase a licence if Clear Books doesn't offer multiple addresses.

Thanks for your help.


We too have several customers who have multiple site locations where we have to show delivery address on the invoices. Will this feature be implemented any time soon?

Hi Norrie,

Unfortunately, our Product Roadmap is at full capacity and therefore, do not have any immediate plans to implement this. As a workaround, you can set up multiple customers per site location i.e. Customer (Location A), Customer (Location B) etc; this way you can then invoice to the correct address.


We need this aswell

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