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Hi Michael,

We are currently pursuing compliance with open banking and I believe that Starling are open banking compliant. I would not be able to confirm much at the moment but hopefully this should help.

All the best,

Mohamed .

Hi @Michael Martin

Have you checked if this works with the new 'Bank Feeds' integration instead of 'Yodlee'?

Our Yodlee feed with Yorkshire Bank isn't compatible, so am looking to switch to Starling Bank.

Thanks, Dhiren

Hi Dhiren,

Starling is indeed supported!

All the best,


I was with HSBC and that stopped working and so I opened up a new Starling account.

All good so far except my account hasnt updated as promised.

Hi Alan,

That definitely shouldn't be the case. I will email you my findings in just a moment.

Thank you for your patience!


I think the problem with the Starling integration is that it's using the movements in and out of the "spaces" that one chooses in Starling as transactions so I've had to turn it off.

Hi Michael,

I am not sure what you mean. Can you please Clarify?

All the best,


Hi I have the same problem - Starling has a concept of "spaces" - a virtual account within the man account - its used to "save money" and take it out of the main bank accounts balance. The problem is .... when you move it from the "space" back into the main account - it comes across as a transfer since the balance has increased - however ... the money was already in the main account until it was moved to the space (a percentage or fixed amount) and is hidden from the main balance. How can i account for this money that was part of the main account but then moved to a "space" and now i am moving it back

Hi Steve,

In this case, I would suggest creating a savings' space account in Clear Books, this way you can transfer the money between the main business bank account and this savings account.


Starling only imports once a day in the morning. I thought it was meant to be at least 4x a day

Is there a setting as freeagent would import immediately....


Hi Gareth,

I am afraid there is no setting as this is managed by the bank and we are not able to change how often the imports take place.

All the best,


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