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Idea suggested by Tony Crundell 1 year ago

Currently when you review a purchase account code from the TB, profit and loss account or general ledger you are presented with a view of the 'summary' details for each transaction (if one has been entered) i.e. on the transactions view

if you want to see the detailed dscription that was entered for a purchase you then have to drill down into the individual transaction and through a jounral list before finally looking at the purchase invoice - this is a pain to say the least and very time consuming

it would be far more practical for the transactions view to display the description box details rather than the summary box details as this will make the report a lot more user friendly and quicker to use

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Hi Tony,

I really appreciate your detailed suggestion!

This idea has come up in the past and has been logged with our Product team. To give you some background, during the initial design of the software we came across a problem with displaying the description for transactions that had multiple line items which sometimes could go up to double digits. Therefore, a product decision was made to not collate the description fields and display the summary field instead.

To further understand your preference, would you prefer to see multiple descriptions for one total or do you have a different proposal?

Regardless, this would be a sizeable task that will require extensive technical planning which will also have to go through the prioritisation by our Product team.


thanks I'm not sure i really understand the issue......where a purchase has multiple line items these are all displayed seperately on the transaction report anyway

we just want the transaction report to show the descritpion for each line item on the transaction report.

I appreciate the need for practiciality and the decsription displayed on the transcation report could be limited to say 100 characters - that would give 99% of transactions a more easily identifiable view of what they are from just the description, if someone has written an essay for the dscription, this would be curtailed and having to drill into the odd transaction is not an issue - its having to drill into every single purchase thats the problem, especially for larger businesses with alot of transactions

really the summary box / view is not much use, there is no need to enter anything here and even if there is an entry its not always accurate if there are multiple lines

its the description box that gives the detail and that's what needs to be made easier to get at

Hi Tony,

Again, many thanks for the detailed explanation! I agree, the description would probably have to be added as a separate column.


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