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Idea suggested by Simon Jackson 4 years ago


On the Sales Invoices or Purchase Bills pages, it would be really handy if the full text from an invoice or bill Summary column could be shown on a mouse-over of that column, enabling faster identification of the right row.

This could perhaps be done by just using the HTML title attribute, as per this mock-up:


I'm no HTML/CSS expert, but also is there not a way to get the browser to shorten the text in an element based on the visible space available? The above screenshot shows the unfortunate outcome of a server-side shortening of the Summary text as the field clearly had enough space once wrapped over two lines to show the entire Summary field text, but it was artificially shortened, cutting out the important info!

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Hi Simon,

That is an interesting suggestion. I will pass this onto our product team as a suggestion for their consideration. Thank you!

All the best,


Thanks for the quick reply: appreciated! Happy New Year to the ClearBooks team, btw. :-)

Hi Simon,

Thank you very much! Happy New Year to you too.

All the best,


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