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Hi guys,

This is on the developers task list, however the work around for now is to copy the invoice and make the changes then delete the original.

In response to John's comment - Get your developers to check the number of Invoices I've voided ----- It's a ridiculous amount. I couldn't put a figure on it but you could get the stats easily. Copying a voiding is not a workaround..... it's a time wasting exercise.

please get this sorted its such a pain

Has anything happened with this? I'm literally banging my head against a brick wall everyday with this issue. It's such a simple issue that has ridiculous time and operational consequences....... One tiny mistake or spelling error on a saved CIS invoice results in a whole world of pain.......Please, please get this sorted..... This alone is enough to warrant changing my cloud accounting software provider..

Hi Ade,

I am pleased to confirm that you are now able to edit your CIS returns before submission as the feature has been successfully implemented.

Many Thanks


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