Turn off Auto Suggest on Accounts Code in Bills INbox

Idea suggested by Simon Hancott 9 months ago

When posting bills via the bills inbox it auto suggest the account code based on the description you type. This has never ever suggested the correct code. it is frustrating that i keep having to change it back to the default I have set against the supplier, It would be good to be able to turn the auto suggest feature off completely.

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Hi Simon,

Would you be able to submit a support ticket via the Need Help button at the top right, providing an example bill and the supplier in question please?


Hi, yes i will do this.

with regards to this auto suggest feature, when posting an invoice i would use the tab button on my keyboard to move form description, to category to amount. But as soon as you tab onto the category it moves you away and you have to use the mouse. it is very frustrating switching between keyboard and mouse constantly.

Can the auto suggest just be turned off?

Hi Simon,

Thanks, I have passed this feedback onto our Product team. In the meantime, if you hit tab twice, it will move the focus into the account code field.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to turn off auto suggest, however, I have logged this with our Product team.


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