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Idea suggested by Julie McNeil 9 years ago

It appears that if you have no CIS deductions - no report is returned. It would be helpful if this was confirmed and the ability to send a NIL CIS submission was available.

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The cis side of clear books is quite badly lacking in my opinion.
1) we need to be able to submit all of our returns via clear books including nil returns or it is not a completed product. I use a book keeper who then has to tell me that she cant do a return so that i can then login to hmrc and do it. It also means that ther is no complete record/papertail of my submissions. having to check in multiple location when hmrc try and fine me for returns that i have actually done. (fact)
2) it really should be possible to go to the cis subcontractor through suppliers tab and call up all of their return receipts rather than the ridiculous way we have to do it now by going into each submission and pulling it up from there when the phone you up at the end of the year and say 'ive lost all of the receipts you gave me can i have a copy of all of them by tomorrow night please !' fact !

Hi Julie,

I am pleased to confirm that you are now able to submit Nil CIS returns as the feature has been successfully implemented.

Many Thanks


Thanks Anan. It's good news. Any joy with assigning cis statements to subcontractors to make the. Easier to recall ? How about auto emailing the statement to each sub contractor included in the return ? Cheers

Coincidentally I have just run a monthly return today which was NIL just before reading this and I couldn't see any changes. I have since processed it manually. Where has this been implemented?


Hello Julie,

Sorry about this. The Nil Returns are currently on the system and are pending tests before it goes live. We hope that the feature is live by the next nil CIS submission.


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