API call to create draft invoice

Idea suggested by Zoltán Lehóczky 11 years ago


Despite the SOAP API (would prefer REST) ClearBooks looks like the only usable accounting SaaS out there (tried LessAccounting, Freshbooks, Xero, FreeAgent, Saasu, Outright, AccountsPortal, Kashoo, Yendo and Intuit, desperately), seriously, so congrats!

I don't see a way to create an invoice through the API as a draft, then edit it, and finally make it final. Can this be added?

Thank you,

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Thanks for the idea Zoltan.

Please vote this up if you need this too.



This would be really useful for me. I can't really automate my invoice creation unless this is in place. Pretty please.

I'm currently seriously considering getting more automation - this would be sensible indeed.

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