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Idea suggested by Stephen Youngs FCCA 10 years ago

It would be useful when creating an invoice for a one-off customer to have a tick box to archive the customer as soon as the invoice is paid. I can see this is pointless for many businesses, for example a cash sale retail businesses, but a motor dealer (for example) ought really to record the customer details but doesn't want the hassle of manually archiving every customer once the sale is completed.

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Sounds like this idea would save some businesses time Stephen.

Please Like this idea if it would help your business too.



Just bumping this idea back to 'active' (I hope). Three years ago not many people were using the Community, I still think the idea is good and so did Tim, so how about some more thumbs ups?!

Just one additional comment, it should possibly be the invoice payment that triggers archiving, although in practice a sale like this will almost never be on credit so the invoice will be paid immediately it is raised.

Hi Stephen,

This is still a very good idea which will hopefully be taken into account soon, as we are looking to make some changes to our archiving system. Many thanks for bringing this back to everyone's attention, it may trigger a few new votes.

All the best,


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