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Hi guys,

It would be really helpful if the dashboard / overview of the Purchase Orders have some filters as well.

Similar to the QUOTES overview. As a PO could have a status as well. Right now you only have one page. Which will grow, grow and grow over the years you use CB.

For our business the Purchase Orders are very important. They give suppliers the right to send us their invoice. We check invoices and compare them with the send PO's. If this doesn't match, we don't pay.

How difficult would it be to add such filters on the overview? Many thanks in advance and looking forward to see this improvement to this page.

  • Michiel

Hi Karen,

Apologies for the delayed response.

ClearBooks does, in fact, have an option to show all purchase orders, also there is a filter option where you can filter out POs by each supplier and a time period. Please see the example below:


Also, Michiel, I have raised this suggestion for a Quotes option when customising your dashboard with our development team and hopefully it can be implemented in the near future.

Thanks, Tommy

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