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Yes please I've been asking for this for about a year now, really need it!!


Yes! This would make perfect sense, very easy to implement, and a lot of other providers also do it (and do it to me).

I'd say this would be helpful so long as the emails could be approved before being sent perhaps (a bit like recurring invoices/bills going into draft instead of approved). If reconciliation was slightly behind one month and statements automatically went out you'd end up looking a tad silly.


I will take your feedback to the developers to see if this can be added on.

Sorry for the delay but hopefully I can try to get them to implement this.


Hi there

Is this any further forward, we are desperate for this feature, it would be best if you could either choose to do it automatically on a day each month or even manually to send to all debtors by email rather than printing but not having to go into each client to do it.




I'm afraid there aren't any immediate plans for this feature so I'm unable to give a time frame on when it could be implemented onto Clearbooks. If I receive any update from our development team then I will be sure to inform you.

Be sure to vote on the idea so that it's chance of implementation is higher.



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