Make the payment slip on invoices an option

Idea suggested by Paul Scholes 8 years ago

Given that it's the 21st century, Invoices are PDFd and perhaps less than 2% of my and my clients' customers get paid by cheque, it would be great to be able to toggle off the dotted lines and "Amount enclosed" label & line in Invoice themes, ie to remove the payslip option.

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Hello Paul,

I will need to see if there is a new theme the design team are working on which does not have the dotted line. We currently have the dotted line to act as a footer for the company registration information which is a legal requirement.

I will ask the design team to see if this can be done.


Any update on enacting this? My preference is to be paid via BACS, and a payment slip on the bottom just indicates otherwise, reagardless of whether I type that in the payment footer section. has any progress been made on this please?

Hello Adam,

There is one way to make the change to the invoice theme. This will require a change to the advanced CSS coding.

Please can you go to an invoice theme and then make a new one if you haven't already.

You will see an option called Styling. On that styling tab, there should be a drop down which will allow you to toggle from Basic to Advanced.

Change it to advanced and then search for the test below. 1px dashed

Deleting this will allow you to remove the dashed line.

I feel that this will be the best way to change the theme which will no longer show the dashed line on the theme towards the bottom.

Hope that helps.


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