Capsule CRM Integration needs strengthening

Idea suggested by Bill Boyd 8 years ago

I confess to being somewhat disappointed. I love Clearbooks - after moving from QB desktop and trying about a million online solutions, only Clearbooks came close. I fully intend to keep using it.

But - and it is a big but (no jokes)....

Integration, in general, is waaaay behind others, and it's an issue. Capsule CRM integration is limited to customers only - what about my suppliers? What about worth of my customers? I have no use for a sales experience where I spend countless hours working a contact to find out they were only worth a hundred quid, and I've ignored a million quid customer. I might as well write it all in my paper diary, for all the good the present "integration" is.

Kashflow, Freeagent, even QBO - all offer two way sync of customer, supplier, and account info and more than that - project to invoice, opportunity to sale etc. - it's a BIG area for most of us, I suspect.

Is there going to be further work on Clearbooks integrations? As it stands, it's letting down an otherwise outstanding product (apart from a few browser bugs I'm learning to work around)...

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Totally agree that the Capsule integration needs some work. I would also love to hear if Clearbooks have plans for this. Xero are amazing at integrations, as are FreeAgent. I struggle to understand why it's not a priority for Clearbooks.

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