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Idea suggested by Justin Adie 11 years ago


I'm leaving clearbooks and need to export my data for posterity and import into a new provider.

I'm ok on the financials via the TB (or is there a better method)?

But all my bills and expenses have receipts attachment to them. How do I get an export of each of the receipts and other attachments together (at all) and preferably with a reference to the incoming bill number (either as a stamped overlay, which would be great or more likely by outputting into a structured set of folders named for the relating bill).



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Hi Justin,

Regarding Financials, you can export them from Reports > Financials and selecting the relevant tabs. You can then export the data as a csv or pdf file.

Everything else can be exported in the Tools > Export menu. Currently, there isn't an option to download receipts/attachments from Clear Books. I will move this post to the ideas section where it can be reviewed by other users. The number of likes attributed to the post will determine the priority of the idea being implemented into Clear Books.

Kind regards,


Hello Berhan

could you explain how then you advise people exporting their attachments that are associated with expense items and bills?

Or is it fair to say that clearbooks does not let users take a complete export of the data that clearbooks holds on their behalf?

obviously an item by item download is a wholly unacceptable solution.

Justin Adie

It would be create if one can just export a list of Expenses, Invoices or Bills and that list (e.g. a csv file) contains the URL of where the attachment is in S3. Either that or a modify the SOAP API so that in the Invoice object (and expenses object which I can't seem to find in the SOAP API) contains the link to the file in S3 for download.

Either of those 2 suggestions are really import for me because if we audited, it's easy to download every attachment to prove that everything is smooth and above board.

Even if you offered this as an extra service (e.g. "move all your attachments over to PDFCubed and everytime an attachment is added to an Invoice, Expense claim or Bill it counts to the PDFCubed allowance etc). I'd pay extra for that.

Sooo, how's it going on this one?

Hi all

Did ClearBooks review this issue? we too have asked in the past to enable download of all attachments in one go (especially of purchases and sales reported on a VAT return). I think its important that someone finally sorted this out?

No, this has not been implemented. I will register your interest in this request!

Is there any update on this request? I have had to move to a different finance system since Clearbooks was no longer suitable. Some way of bulk-exporting all attachments would be amazing as I have so far had to keep my Clearbooks subscription open for an additional year just to have the time to download the items individually.

Hi Gemma,

Unfortunately not, our Product Roadmap is currently at full capacity until Q2 2022.


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