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Idea suggested by Helen Passfield 9 years ago

Why is the balance sheet only laid out as standard in the management report and not on the simple balance sheet report?

The balance sheet gives account line items only and does not group into Fixed Asses, Current Assets, Current Liabilities, Liabilities falling due after one year etc. However, when this is run under the management report this standard layout is followed.

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Hi Helen,

I have added your request to our network for our development team to review for future changes to the system.

I would like to add my support for this idea. Sub-totals are visible on-screen with the tickbox but they disappear when you download the report.

While you are doing this, would it be possible to add a 'net current assets' sub-total (current assets less current liabilities), which is used in a number of ratios etc.

Hello Alex,

We do have the ratios option if you click on Reports. There will be a ratios link under Financials on the left hand side. This will give you the Net Assets figure you were looking for.

Hopefully that helps but we will continue to look at the original query. Please can you hit the like button on the original post.


I'm afraid that does not help at all. What I need to do is present my client with a Balance Sheet with sub-totals. This is a really basic requirement.

Also: the 'net assets' figure you mention is available from the Balance Sheet. it was 'net current assets' I was concerned about.

But the key point is that I now have to spend time every month creating a Balance Sheet by hand, which is a complete waste of time. Why can't I just download the report as it appears on screen????

Hello Alex,

I have made an internal request for this which will be brought up in the next management meeting.

The system currently groups the headings in the Profit and Loss and there shouldn't be any reason why this cannot be done for the Balance Sheet.

Hopefully Clear Books can accommodate your Idea soon.



Thanks Vanish, that would be awesome

thanks also, we would appreciate this development

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