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Hi Paul,

I have converted this ticket to an idea on our network as it isn't currently a feature on Clear Books.

Kind regards,


I would really like to see this as well, as for both of the companies I work with on ClearBooks we use Project reporting to manage performance of our "projects". Unassigned cost need to be investigated and there is no sensible way to identify these at present.

I'd suggest that this Idea is actually a Bug/Problem as the current project report is broken. If you drill though on a specific project you get a filtered list of transactions. If you drill through on "No project" you get all transactions, those with and without a project assigned. That is a bug in my book, not just a feature, or we have every different ideas of testing and software quality. I have raised this directly with Support, and have been directed here.


A big THANK YOU as this is this fix that was needed where we're trying to make sure we can project account and have unassigned transactions identified.

Is there a way within account codes to filter out Balance Sheet accounts and just look at P&L accounts whilst using this "no project" filter?

The reason I ask is that as Balance Sheet transactions, such as settling Sales and Purchase Invoices from a Bank Account, which almost invariably do not need a Project Code, at the moment come up in the "No Project" report. This means that the report is swamped with Balance Sheet transactions and whilst easy to identify because of the account numbering range, still takes time to scroll through the pages of reports.

If by default there was an "Exclude Balance Sheet Accounts" tick box that were set to exclude whenever the "No Project" option were selected, then the default report would show just those P&L transactions that had no project set.

If I wanted to look at Balance Sheet Transactions as well I could then rerun with the tick box unticked.

I appreciate that this is one step beyond a simple solution as it involves the logic steps to exclude BS accounts by default and giving the further option to uncheck the option, but it would give a much greater power to this important review tool.


Hi Paul and Darren,

This feature has now been implemented. If you head to Reports > Other > Transactions you can now select 'No Project' to filter transactions that don't have a project assigned to them.

This idea was already on the roadmap for our project management team as it had been requested before and they were indeed working on it. As mentioned correctly by Darren the 'No project' column in the project reports were not reflecting the correct amount so this has been rectified.

Not sure how well this is working. I ran the report selecting "None" and the first item I looked at had a project associated with it!

Hi Paul and John,

As the feature is in its infancy, it would be best to add any additional requests as separate ideas on our network. Our product development team will need to look into it separately. Alternatively, awaiting further feedback from other users about the feature will allow us to send feedback to our development team to make any adjustments.

If you find any faults with this feature or any other, please send these to contact support with the relevant transaction so our we can investigate further.

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