Cumulative turnover for VAT purposes

Idea suggested by Chris Caspell 13 years ago

As I creep ever closer to the VAT threshold I have just put together a spreadsheet which summarises the income from the previous twelve months so I can be sure that I haven't gone over the threshold.

It seems to me that this could be a really useful tool to have on the dashboard where is summarises the income of the previous 12 months with a comparison to the VAT registration threshold.

I have one client that fell foul of the registration rules and was fined so it could save fines and penalties if implemented.

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We asked for a similar item to alert non-Vat registered businesses when their rolling 12 month turnover gets near the Vat threshold.

Have these two requests been amalgamated in Clear Books's system? Otherwise the votes for them will be split? I see it has been three years since this was suggested.

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