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Idea suggested by Andy Gambles 9 years ago

The currently implementation of the PayPal payment link is rather clumsy and non-intuitive. The customer has to browser to the statement page (which is heavily Clearbooks branded). They then have to locate the rather small PayPal Pay Now button.

It would be much simpler if the Pay Now button could be added to the HTML Invoice. So the user clicks a link in the email sees the invoice (with option to download PDF) and a big Pay Now button.

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Great idea there Andy,

I'd added it to the list of requirements for the invoice project.

Have you sneaked this in :)

Just sent out an Invoice and I can see a PayPal Payment button on the bottom of the HTML version.

Really? Cool. Where? I can't see it?

I have spotted some problems though. Like the wrong currency being passed to PayPal for the order.

Ah, not got it here. Maybe its not rolled out for everyone.

You will only get the paypal option (like seen in Andy's screenshot) if:

  • You have a paypal bank account set up.
  • When creating a new invoice, you choose that account as the payment account:


I believe, this is different from the actual request, where even with a different payment account selected (say HSBC), a paypal button shows. Is that correct?

Also Andy, could you report problems in the problem section?

I have a ticket in with support but no fix yet which is concerning since this is live.

All fixed. Feature works as expected. However it would be nice to specify multiple payment options on an invoice. (New idea thread I suppose).

When accepting a payment this way then PayPal receives the email address you send invoices from. Not the registered email address set up in the bank settings. If these are different then you might encounter issues with an unallocated payment. I had to register the email address I send emails from with PayPal. This is different behaviour compared to getting payments from a statement link.


Support are looking into this to confirm whether it's indeed a bug or misconfiguration. I'd recommend you open a ticket for this so A) if it's misconfiguration on your side they can guide you through the fix B) They can contact you directly for more details C) if indeed a bug, there's an open ticket and you can get updates.

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