Credit limits on customer accounts

Idea suggested by Claire Kennedy 11 years ago

I have lots of clients who are asking about the possibility of attaching credit limit to particular customers. It would really help clients manage their risk.

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Hello Claire,

I have added this to our list of potential projects. The development team will look into this if they think it will be a useful feature and may implement this in the future.

Developers will look at Ideas on the Community when more users of Clear Books like the Idea so hopefully, other users will like your post.



This has also been raised by several clients of mine.

Hello Michael,

I do understand that this can be an issue for Clear Books users and it will help with credit control and reduction of bad debt. At the moment, the best thing to use which allows for this is to use the Aged Debtors and Creditors reports which we look into adding this.

These reports can be found by going to Reports > Other > Aged Debtors / Aged Creditors.


I'm sure there are lots of B2B users that would benefit from this. I am currently in the process of working out how we are going to transition from Sage 50 Pro to Clear Books. We credit check all our new customer and setup the a limit within Sage. We also ask them to agree to T&C and we can also record that this has happened.

So for all our customers I have the credit limit and terms agreed data that I have nowhere to store in CB. :o(

Currently we pay a subscription to a credit reference service that assesses risk and suggest credit limits for customers. It would be very cool if you could integrate CB with one of these credit ref services so that it is all joined up . That's the beauty of the cloud, being able to join these things up and have live data.

Thank you to everyone here for your comments, we can really see that this could be something useful for you all. As my Vanish says, this idea will be discussed amongst the team and if it is thought to be doable and of benefit to a great number then it will be pushed up the list. In the meantime, it's great to have so many comments and 'likes' as this helps us get a better idea of just what Clear Books users are wanting to do. The more we get the higher the priority the post will be given.

Hello All,

This feature has now been implemented into Clear Books.

We have introduced a new feature that allows you to add a credit value to a customer which, if exceeded, will display warning notifications when creating an invoice for a specified customer.

For more detail on how this feature works please see our guide below:

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