Looking for an invoice template with a page-wide logo

Idea suggested by Alex Redmond 8 years ago

I am trying to edit an invoice template but I can't seem to get a logo positioned across the top of the page. And I can't find a template with this feature.

Does anyone know of one?

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Hi Alex,

I will have to take a look into this for you with the help of the design team. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hi Alex & Helen,

I trust you're both keeping well. The update from the design team is as follows: "We have a selection of different templates and styles to choose from and you can customise these with your own style sheets. Because the address and other such related information are compulsory for an Invoice, it is currently not possible to move the logo section, but this is something we can look into going forward." -- David M. (2014).

I will therefore convert this post into an idea and based on the number of votes it receives, this will determine the level of priority it is given in terms of being implemented.

I thank you for your patience thus far,

All the best,


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