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Idea suggested by Andrew Turner 13 years ago

It would be great to be able to use the bank import tool for multi-currency transactions too. For example we have a Lloyds TSB account where everything shows up in sterling but pay a lot of bills in France. It would be great on importing the data to be able to change the currency so that paid bills can be shown in their original currency rather than at a converted rate in sterling.

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It would be useful to have this option when importing Sales Invoices too

I agree, i don' see how it could be hard to do either. One of my clients generates USD sales in another system. Seems a shame that for lack of a currency field on the import they can't be imported

This is marked as being implemented but I can't see how. Please advise what I am doing wrong as I still can't find a way of telling the system that an imported transaction on our UK current account is actually a Euro transaction?

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