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Idea suggested by Albert Peck 7 years ago


I think the current API doesn't have this but could you consider an API to allow the creation of timesheets.

I currently have a system to track time but I'd love to be able to have a one button import into Clearbooks so I can then just easily generate invoices.

Thanks, Albert

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Hi Albert,

You are right, this is a great idea and would make life a lot simpler for everyone.

We can put it to our developers and see if can be added in the near future. In the mean time, if your idea receives support from other users it will be prioritised and pushed a little quicker as it will affect a great number.



Hi Albert,

What time sheet system are you using?

Are you thinking of creating your own scripts to push data into our API, or do you mean you would like us to connect to your external timesheet system and pull in the data?



It is a system we built ourselves a few years ago.

The ideal will be to have the system submit the subset of data required for billing directly to Clearbooks on a periodic basis. We don't want all of the data as most wouldn't be appropriate in Clearbooks. But I would be good to do that rather than have to retype everything.

I feel 'push' would be all that required. I personally can't see a 'pull' being useful.

The other thing is I could see a good opportunity for mobile apps to be able to submit data too!

Although we don't currently have full time sheets support in the API, if your system is aware of your billing rates in the meantime perhaps you could create projects and invoices directly using the API's CreateProject and CreateInvoice functions?


Would this work?

That's the issue. The system was built purely to track time at various different client sites. It's not financially aware as we might not want the users of the system to be aware of the client charge out rates.

I will explorer those APIs but I still think a time sheet API would be useful in the fullness of time.

I agree it would be useful to have in the API. We will keep an eye on this request and if there is demand from other users we will move it up the priority list on our roadmap.

We also have a custom development program that allows you to fast track an idea to development if it's an urgent requirement: http://www.clearbooksplc.com/custom-development

Accessing timesheets via the API would be really useful. For us though, PULL would be better. We want to analyse timesheets to understand time booked against a project compared to the estimate made when quoting. Pulling timesheets (together with invoice, PO and bill information) would enable us to do a nice project plan versus actual report.

Hi Guys,

This really is an interesting idea and thank you for going into so much detail, that certainly helps to make it clearer for us. We actually have a dedicated API contact here at Clear Books who will be able to answer all your questions and and let you know about the feasibility of any requests. Please contact api@clearbooks.co.uk

Many Thanks


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