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No Supplier Statements

Idea suggested by Daren Cope 6 years ago

I can't believe a piece of really good accounting software cannot produce Supplier Statements!!

Surely there has to be a facility to pay a number of bills in one batch, to email this to the supplier or print it off and attach a cheque? If I've got 10 invoices to pay in one go, I have to email each one individually.

I can't be the only person to have asked this!

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Hi Daren,

Unfortunately the PDF and HTML versions of supplier statements are currently unavailable. You can use the 'Full (this view)' link to get a supplier statement.

This can be sent via e-mail to the supplier using the web address link. Alternatively you can print the statement from the webpage itself and send attach the cheque.

Can you point me in the direction of the Full link you are talking about please.

Sure Daren,

Head to Purchases > Suppliers > and select the relevant supplier. Click on the Full Statement. In the blue box the first option should be 'Full (this view)' followed by the link to the supplier's statement.

It hasn't got the Supplier address anywhere on it so this will have to be written on manually if sending a cheque. It also includes all the items that have been paid previously.

Is there anything in the pipeline to produce a proper Supplier Statement?

Hi Daren,

As far as I know it isn't something that is being considered at the moment. I will move this post to the ideas section where feature requests are submitted by customers. Ideas are prioritised on the basis of popularity (in terms of likes and comments) which are then reviewed by senior management for implementation.

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