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Idea suggested by Tracy Yates 8 years ago

The recent change to the P&L structure has messed up my P&L. Previously it was ordered by code number order within the Accounts now it is no particular order that I can fathom! This has made my P&L more difficult to read, Is there anyway that there can be some functionality to switch this order on or off? Also when Clearbooks implement changes to the system why do you not tell us what and when you do this instead of it being a surprise it would help users to get more functionality out of the software, the changes all seem very secretive.

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Hi Tracy, Thank you very much for your comments. As with all our apps and elements of our software things are always developing and we are striving to refine and improve them through practical experience. That's why comments such as these are invaluable. I'm sure our developers will take your P&L ideas into consideration, especially if others also express similar thoughts. This is only a small tweek, so it is likely that we will refine it sometime in the future.

As for a road-map/press release, whilst we endeavour to inform our customers as and when features are added, particularly those we know they have shown an interest in, we cannot give too much forewarning of their implementation as these things are subject to constant change and revision due to the very nature of a live product with many different applications and features all being worked on. I hope you understand that we do try to inform our customers as much as we can, but that is is not always possible and, of course, we try to give them what they want, but cannot introduce everything.

Many Thanks


Hi Chris, I would really appreciate if there was an option about how the accounts are ordered on the P&L I have 3 companies using Clearbooks for over 4 years and we have set our P&L in a way over this time and this change has spoiled all that. Previously one of the things that I liked about Clearbooks was the fact that I could use the P&L directly for management meetings now I am going to have to download and reformat. I am sure that this is not what you want your users to be doing. Also regarding communication to users how about a monthly email which summarizes the main changes and reasons behind them? Regards Tracy

Hi Tracy,

I certainly understand where you are coming from and can see that it would make life a lot easier. Our developers monitor this forum regularly, so hopefully they will take a look at this issue and see how and when it can be implemented.



Hi Chris, That would be great I look forward to the developers implementing my ideas. Thanks Tracy

I must admit that I think Clearbooks is great but you are absolutely hopeless on communication. There is a news section which would be the perfect place to post news on new developments but in the last 2 months there have been 2 entries on there - one of which is to announce the news section!

I realise that web development is fluid (it's my job!) and that things are moved in and out of the release version all the time depending on management priorities but you must know what is going in a release a least the day before it hits the live system (or otherwise how do you do the testing?).

Could you not tell your customers that a release is imminent (even to say "during the next week" if you don't want to be specific) and give a summary of the new features and/or bug fixes which the release will contain. At the very least, please produce a release note after the release goes live.

I've asked before about some general indication of which feature requests are being considered but management doesn't think this appropriate for some reason but it would be good to communicate changes which are just about to be made or have just been made - it would cut down on your support calls for a start!

Thanks for a brilliant system - please just let us be part of making it even better. It currently feels if the community section is just a way to fob off your customers rather than a way to develop a real sense of community!

Thanks again, Colin

BTW I noticed a few weeks ago my P&L structure seems to have reverted itself to being in account code number order. I am assuming that this is as a result of my original query, thank you. Tracy

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