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Idea suggested by Daniel Dainty 8 years ago

I can't believe this functionality doesn't exist! I create a quote for a monthly service, and then I have to recreate the invoice afterwards to set it as a recurring invoice.

Can we please have:

  1. Quote to Recurring Invoice
  2. Invoice to Recurring Invoice

Many thanks!

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the suggestion and for bringing this to our attention. It would be interesting to hear what other users have to say on this as it does sound useful and doable given that the individual elements are already all in the system. The more support your idea receives the more likely it is to be prioritised by our developers as we have a stream of improvements and new ideas being worked on all the time.

Many Thanks


Hi Daniel - as it happens both suggestions have been made on a few occasions in the past but as people tend to start a new question or suggestion, rather than "Like" or comment on an existing one, they all tend to stand alone with one or two likes a piece.

Personally, as an accountant, I agree, it is something many would expect to see and so I'll checkout with the team whether it's something that could be brought up the list.

Hi both,

Thanks, I respect that there's other suggestions but I can only see two, one has zero comments and one has two, so already this one is in the lead.

Would love to see this rolled out, as quote-to-recurring-invoice is my main workflow.



Hi Chris,

Any news on this please?

Hi Daniel,

Not as yet. You can do a standard invoice but not a recurring just as yet. We have quite a few things already in the pipeline, so please keep checking back in the future.


Hi Daniel, I have just had a look and this is now available. If you go into any accepted quote you can see it says make recurring invoice.


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