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Idea suggested by Dave Freel 7 years ago

When using the project feature to appropriate costs to a project I noticed that I can allocate an employees salary to a project, but this is the NET salary, when the full cost to the business is employees net salary + income tax + deductions + NIC's

This massively understates the cost of a member of staff on the project

Not sure how widely used the feature is - Just a suggestion!

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Hello Dave,

When you import into Accounts, you will be able to set a project for that payroll.

For example, June's payroll can be changed to the project you are looking for.

Likewise, any employee allocations to projects will be done in the same way. You can set a default project for an employees so everytime you import into accounts from Open Payroll, the system will use that project Just edit the supplier details and it will do this automatically.

Try this on the demo account first to see the results.


Hi Vanish,

I just tried that on the demo account - I set 2 of the employees to be assigned to PROJECTV4 then processed the payroll and imported - As i mentioned above this has just imported the Net salary into the project and ignored all deductions and employer NIC - I didnt see any option to allocate to a project when clicking the import into accounts button, it just imported as normal?


Hello Dave,

You will need to allocate the HMRC bill to that project as well.

The issue with this is that it will do it for the whole amount rather than on an individual employee basis.

Because of this limitation, the HMRC bill will be set entirely to a project if you assign a project to it.


Im aware of that, hence this suggestion ^_^

Oh okay.

Please add you like to the post, that should help if others feel this to be a useful function. If there are enough likes, the development team will look into adding this in the future.


Whoops, I added my like to it instead for you.


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