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Idea suggested by Chris Fraser 6 years ago

Is there a box that you can put in the number of overtime hours in instead of a total amount payable figure? I see there is a box at the bottom of the Process Payroll page for "Pay Deductions" where you can add a description and an amount but nothing like this for "Pay Additions" like Overtime or Holiday pay, which may be easier.

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for visiting the Clear Books Community and letting us know what you'd like to see in Payroll. It's always helpful and encouraging to us to hear what you (our users) would like to see from our software.

The ability to have greater control over pay adjustments for things like additions has indeed been a popular request from our users. That's why we've been working on Payroll so that we will be able to accommodate these features, all whilst staying compliant with HMRC requirements.

Because of the changes this would involve, there would likely be a Blog or Community News post closer to the time where we are getting ready to launch the new features.

I hope you have found this helpful.

Hi Chris,

I do believe it is possible to add 'overtime' payments onto someone's payroll. This is in terms of actual amounts, rather than hours worked. Is this the sort of thing you were after? (Please see attached screenshot).




Hi Chris,

Unfortunately this isn't what I was requiring. I could see that you can input a total monetary amount payable which would appear on the payslip but was wondering if you could actually put in an hourly total and OpenPayroll would work out the total amount payable from these figures?

Would just be nice to have it on the payslip as something like:

6 Hours Holiday @ £8.50 = £51.00

Just so that it explains exactly what the payment consists of otherwise the payslip will just say :

Payments Units Rate Amount Overtime/Holiday 1 189.30 189.30

and doesn't give indication as to the amount of Overtime/Holiday. Unless you can amend the Units column from 1 to the number of hours worked or taken?



Now I understand very clearly, thanks Chris. It's good to have this clarity and detail here as it is easier for our team to know what they are looking at.



Hi Chris,

This has been implemented into Clear Books,

This can be achieved when processing an employee payslip, adding a payment alongside the basic pay. Allowing you to fully describe and calculate the value of the holiday/overtime payment.This will then be displayed explicitly on the payslip.

Thanks, Theo

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