Not having to scroll back down an imported bank statement when confirming a payment that's been allocated

Idea suggested by Kevin Doran 8 years ago


  1. Bank statement imported
  2. Analyse a transaction to an invoice that hasn't previously been marked as paid
  3. Once you hit the allocate button it then takes you back to the top of the statement at which point you have to scroll all the way back down to confirm

It would be great to avoid this last scrolling bit as with big statements it's quite time consuming.

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Oh good god, yes. This infuriates me.

Hi Kevin and Daniel,

I see exactly what you mean and can understand how this can seem annoying. This sounds like a minor adjustment and I am sure that, as long as others feel it is a beneficial change, our developers can take a look at it once they have completed some of their major ongoing projects.

Many Thanks


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