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Idea suggested by Paul Scholes 8 years ago

Similar to Paul Charlton's post a year ago:

I just searched for an import rule found it and then was stuck with it, ie I couldn't find an easy way to clear the search and return to the whole list without deleting the search term and hitting "go" again. an X icon (exit search) next to Search field would be a great addition.

As with Paul's suggestion, enabling a Sort function on the Rules Column headings would be an even better facility and would match how other similar list screens work.

Go on, just a littl'un for the 2 Pauls

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Hi Paul(s),

This sounds like it could be a pretty popular idea, and time saving too. It seems like only a small change to make, so once the developers get some of the larger projects out of the way I'm sure they can look into this for you. Of course, the more support it gets, the more chance there is of it being added soon. user friendliness is the key...

Cheers Chris

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