'Filter explained' should stay filtered once reconciling a bank line

Idea suggested by Kevin Doran 8 years ago

Bank import, filter explained selected.

Once a bank line has been reconciled against an existing transaction, the statement then defaults back to 'show all' instead of 'filter explained'.

Not a huge issue but it does indeed slow usability down when you're trying to fly through the rec.

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Count me in for this one, I've just uploaded and explained 6 month's of a client's bank transactions and this really slowed me up.

Thanks Kevin and Paul for the idea suggestion.

The guys will be swift at work to implement this.



Bumping this back up for the sake of it - just running through an import now and it's annoying the hell out of me :-)

Doing a late night rec and can't help but cheekily bump this one again!!

This should now be fixed - the filters stay on forever (or until you switch them off).

Sorry it took so long to fix - I know this been really annoying to many.

Have I jumped the gun or should it be working now? Just tested it and it didn't work :-(

Oh Sorry. You may need to refresh the page...

Logged out and back in again, still not working...


You talking about red box 1 or 2?

Oh God!

My wrong.

This is the wrong idea!

I was talking about the second one:


The others marked with Done are done, but not live yet.

Haha, you had me all excited there for a moment!!

Shouldn't be long... Maybe even today.

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