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Idea suggested by Roger Moore 10 years ago

Problem: When you import the bank and allocate a receipt against an unpaid sales invoice usually it is one amount being allocated against one sales invoice for the same amount. Normally you click the allocate button alongside the relevant sales invoice and then need to scroll down again to hit the add transaction button to complete the posting.

Suggestion: Add a second small button to the right of the allocate button that allows you to both allocate and add the transaction at the same time with one click. You may also choose to reduce the size of the allocate button to accommodate this.

Result: This is s small improvement but reduces the number of clicks and time required to complete someone's books.

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Hi Roger,

This sounds like a good idea and a nice improvement to the system. It would be interesting to find out the practicality of adding such a feature and whether other users would like to see this implemented too. As with all ideas the more support it receives the higher the priority it will be given when it comes to future implementation.

Many Thanks


Or if not add a new button, once 'allocated' have the screen re-focus at the bottom of the screen so you can confirm straight away without having to scroll back - that alone would be a huge time saver, especially with long statements.

When creating a new nominal account code there are two buttons - one to save and one to save and create another account. This hasn't always been the case and the same time saving principle has already been applied here. The scroll is a frustration and never used to be a problem in the early days - a refocus of the screen would help a lot - but a second button would save the extra click as well as the scroll.

Thank you both for expanding on this it will help us to get a good idea of what to do in the future.


'One-to-one' allocations have been a one click function for a number of years now.

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