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Idea suggested by Dean Vale 8 years ago

I have clients and suppliers now using Clearbooks. I would like to be able to receive and approve invoices from a client/ supplier via Clearbooks; so that the bill and info could be added into my bills or expenses.

Is there a way of invoicing each other through ClearBooks, so that the invoices can be added to bills on my accounts directly via CB's (subject to my approval) ? So if a user who is a service provider wishes to invoice me, it comes through ClearBooks and the data (subject to my approval), then gets added as a bill to my accounts.

This would serve the purpose of reducing paperwork/data entry time, and it would also be a powerful means of increasing users, as this would reduce the time it takes to manage accounts.

Have you consider this functionality? Is it in progresss?

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Are you saying you'd like to invoice a client and have it automatically enter as a bill within their books?

Yes Kevin, I believe that is exactly what Dean is saying. If you are doing business with a fellow Clear Books account holder you can automatically send something across between accounts, creating an invoice at one end, creates a bill at the other.

This is a very good idea, Dean. The more support it gains in Community the sooner it will be considered for implementation by the developers.

Many thanks


I can see the merit in sending 'something' across somehow but i'd have thought automatically entering something into somebody elses books is probably a big no no.

Maybe they could go across in a pending state, to be approved by the account holder or something.

Yes, that's exactly what I was suggesting- but subject to approval of the account holder accepting the invoice as valid.

The idea is that they are your customer/supplier/client so that it appears in their account as an unpaid bill/invoice which you still have to approve, much like GoCardless, but without the need for any extra input or add on. These are transactions you have already done with them and it would simply save time in having to enter the information twice. A notification to make sure they know it is there and are not surprised to find it would work for sure though.

Yes, it would also make Clearbooks more dynamic - clearly a big asset to reducing man hours and making it easier to manage accounts.

I hate to have to say this but this facility was there until about 6 months ago, when it was pulled to be fixed.

Chris, have a chat with John & the Devs, it used to appear in the Supplier/Customer screens "Other Info" I think, where you'd enter the ClearBooks URL of the entity and then could send them bills that would appear as draft in their books.

Would be great to have it back.....fixed and, if any incentive is needed, Xero's works! :0)

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