Amending Reoccuring Invoice Dates

Idea suggested by Dean Vale 8 years ago

Having created a number of reoccurring invoices, I wanted to amend the dates - (Date and Due Date). Evidently the 'Date' field is not allowed to be updated.

In some instances I've wanted to amend the date, and in others I have wished to issue the invoices earlier, so as to improve the payment of invoices on time. Can you tell me why this has been restricted?

The only way around I have found it is to recreate a reoccurring invoice. Clearly it's a pain in the backside to do that.

I would also like to be able to create reoccurring invoices that I could then copy and adjust for other clients who might need invoicing for the same or similar items.

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Hi Dean,

Thanks very much for your idea. Now that it is listed on our community forum idea's page, it will gather support and based on the number of votes it receives will determine it's level of priority in terms of being implemented.

All the best,


Yeah I like this, do find them slightly restrictive at the moment.

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