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Idea suggested by Vehap Ferati 12 years ago

I have not made payments to subcontractors this month but I know I still have to submit a return to HMRC, an I submit this return via Clear Books?

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This feature needs to be included in Clearbooks as it is a mandatory requirement for a return to be submitted even if nil else you face HMRC fines. Without this ability the user has to submit their own nil return either via a long phone call or online which does rather negate the requirement for this Clearbook feature in the first place. Inorder to be fully compliant with the CIS scheme please can this feature be added (I actually based my selection of Clearbooks as an accounting system based on its CIC integration and was not aware it could not submit a "nil return" until I tried)

Agree - absolutely necessary to add this feature, please!

Essential for smaller Construction firms.

Totally agree. Currently if you run a monthly report there isn't even a confirmation that there are no subcontractor invoices. So you're not sure if this is a mistake or a bug.

I totally agree - with all the online requirements being enforced by the Inland Revenue this is now important and if a company gets fined for NOT submitting a return this should be Clear Books liability


I am pleased to confirm that you are now able to submit zero valued CIS returns as the feature has been successfully implemented.

Many Thanks


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