Clearbooks Project Report - CSV/PDF option

Idea suggested by Amber Dagnall 7 years ago

If you head to Tools > Projects > Report, there currently isn't a way of downloading this report into CSV or PDF format.

Please can you look into implementing this onto the system?

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Hello Amber,

Thanks for suggesting this as an idea on our community page, our development team will look into this being implemented in the near future.

Kind regards,


In addition - as I've commented elsewhere and raised directly with the ClearBooks team - it is very frustrating not to be able to download a 'Compare Actual' budget as CSV/PDF. Why is this possible for the budget itself, but not the actual figures?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the idea this will definitely assist when comparing budgets. I have passed this over to our development team who will consider this idea for future implementation based on the popularity of the post.

Many thanks,


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