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Idea suggested by Andrew Moore 8 years ago

I have noticed there there doesn't seem to be a way to have a default setting for currency linked to customers and suppliers.

At the moment you simply have to change the currency for each and every purchase order / sales order / invoice etc. If this could be set with a default for each customer and supplier then this will remove a number of errors when processing foreign accounts quickly.

While you are at it, another nice addition would be a setting where you can choose all the currencies you trade in. This way it is a quick change between them rather than scrolling through 1000s of different currency entries.

Thank you

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Hello Andrew,

We are looking into adding the default currency to the customer entity but may take some time as the day rate is generated when the currency is selected.

As for the number of currencies, there is no method in Clear Books at the moment to restrict the number of currencies you see.


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