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Printing Detailed Aging for non-Sterling invoices

Idea suggested by Erica Syrdal 6 years ago

Multicurrency aged reports for both customers and suppliers. 

Please look into adding this feature as I can't find this anywhere. 

Erica Syrdal


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Hello Erica,

I have converted your ticket into an Idea on the Community as we currently do not have this feature. Hopefully, other users who feel this is a useful feature will up vote it.

The only method to view this is by going to Sales > Invoices > Unpaid and then filtering by the customer individually. The same will apply for suppliers by going to Purchases > Bills > Unpaid.


Hi Vanish,

Thank you. Maybe just expanding from Unpaid invoices:

--Labeling the drop downs that are provided --Allowing for multiple clients being selected -- and then have option to either sort all by ageing or group by client first and then sort by aging within client and subtotal on each client for the currency selected --Button to export screen as pdf

I hope others will have a need for this as well.


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